Welcome to Musawa Freight and Logistics Services (MFLS)

Established in 2018, Musawa Freight and Logistics Services is a leading regional provider of world class supply chain solutions, with a national reach through its network of an exclusive strategic alliance with internationally recognised professional association including CRFFN, ANLCA.

With its headquarters at Suite 28 Nahco Complex Mallam Aminu Kano Int'l Airport Kano, Nigeria. Musawa freight and logistics offers full connectivity from strategically located state-of-the-art facilities at the region's most important freight hub.

We strive for quality in everything we do, and Musawa freight and Logistics services is proud to mention that we are fully certified by the CRFFN

Musawa Freight and Logistics Services offers a full range of advanced supply chain management solutions.

The company's wide ranging capabilities extend to:

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Haulaging

Musawa Freight and Logistics Services has personnels with many years of experience in several key sectors, and has a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in providing solutions.


To be the partner of choice, developing intelligent supply chain solutions and delivering the highest level of service, quality and efficiency.


To be the best in Service, Quality and Efficiency


  • Know and Exceed our Clients expectation
  • Grow through creating resources and innovative solutions
  • Encouraging proactive behaviour
  • Exceed stakeholders expectations


  • Our Customers come first
  • We work as one Team
  • We act with integrity and honesty
  • Everyone contributes, everyone is respected
  • We get results

Technology Driven Service Enhancements

Musawa Freight and Logistics Services is able to create innovative solutions, ensuring full visibility of stock at every operational stage, which means that customers enjoy the following advantages:

  • Full tracking and tracing on a real time basis of all shipments, available on-line to authorised users/ consignees
  • Warehouse stock management ensures optimum use of resources and accuracy in order delivery
  • Real time remote access to warehouse management information using bar-code scanning, radio frequency and hand-held terminals
  • State of the art Vehicle Tracking System combined with GPS wireless network technology, create end-to-end wireless solutions for tracking and managing all fleet and driver related activities

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Musawa Freight and Logistics Services is a leading logistics service provider and shall foster an atmosphere that focuses on preventio of incidents and protection of the environment. As one of our top organizational goals which include safety, health and well being of its employees, contractors, customers and the public. Safety will never be compromised and our jobs should always be performed in a safe manner.

In order to achieve this, we commit:

  • To provide and implement formal health & safety management systems in compliance with international standards and best practices
  • To identify potential health, safety and environmental risks within Musawa Freight and Logistics Services by conducting activity based risk assessments and taking appropriate control measures to reduce the risk to minimal level
  • To provide suitable and sufficient health and safety training and awareness programs for Musawa Freight and Logistics Services employees; enabling them to carry out their jobs safely
  • To carry out all our activities in an environmentally sustainable way to avoid or reduce environmental impact
  • To prevent/ reduce accidents and injuries by implementing health and safety management systems and proactive safety precautions
  • To ensure all health and safety accidents and incidents are reported and investigated to identify the root cause to implement measures to prevent similar recurrences in future
  • To provide insurance coverage for every goods in transit in case of accident, robbery and other unforeseen events